Hello world, we’re Blueprint. We’re on a mission to make financial planning affordable and accessible to the next generation. We help busy Gen X & Gen Y professionals organize, plan and protect their financial world so they can focus on living great lives. If that sounds like you – read on.

The traditional financial services industry has not always been kind to young people. We’ve been told we don’t have enough money to get help. Yet we’ve also been scolded by older generations for how we handle money. So which is it? And why aren’t they helping?

It seems that 99% of the financial advisors out there are trying to help the same 1% of wealthy clients.

All while everyone else is left out of the conversation. “What kind of planning can you do for young people?” they sometimes ask. As if you can only plan for the future if you already have the money.

Isn’t the point of planning, after all, to make smart choices with your money ahead of time so you can actually accomplish the goals in your life?

We think so.


Think about all the transitions that happen early in life involving dollar signs – everything from where you live, how much you earn, getting married, having kids, buying houses, getting promotions, etc….

They ALL involve dollar signs.

We think you should have access to help navigating them. So we formed Blueprint.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to a financial advisor close to your own age who understands how to help you manage your finances so you can focus on living your ideal life?

Well, now you do.


Why You Need a Financial Advisor

You don’t have to tackle this by yourself. We know you’re busy and this stuff can be complex, so we want to make it easy for you to work with us.

Plus, working with a comprehensive, fee-based financial advisor provides three main advantages over going it alone:



A financial advisor can help you define just what it is you’re trying to accomplish. And how those things support what is most important in your life; both now and in the future.

Then we can show you how to use your money to achieve the life you want. Once you can get a handle on where you currently stand by seeing a complete picture of your financial world, you can begin to make steps towards improvement in areas where you may be off track.

It’s really just about just getting a couple of things right and avoiding a few big mistakes along the way.



Working with an advisor helps build confidence that you are making measurable progress towards your goals.

It also helps eliminate the trial-and-error nature of figuring things out yourself. We’ve helped lots of other people just like you and can help you learn from their experiences.

Having repeatable systems and processes in place to address the steps in the correct order allows us to address all your financial concerns with the right priority.

A set of proven rules around managing cash flow and a protection-first approach helps us ensure that no matter what may happen in your life your plan will remain unaffected and your goals will continue to be funded.



Maybe the most important advantage is helping hold you accountable to what you said was important in the first place. You may receive advice from friends, co-workers, or well-meaning family members and be unsure if you should take it.

Or maybe read something online you don’t understand. Talking with your advisor before acting helps prevent you from making avoidable mistakes that interfere or threaten your progress to staying on track.

Just like a personal trainer – you can go to the gym on your own and work out, but sometimes having that person to make sure you actually do the work is as important as the tips and strategies he or she may share with you based on their experience.


The bottom line is, financial help is available to you. If you wonder if you’re doing the right things or aren’t even sure where to start, let us help.

We can show you how to organize your financial life and protect the things that matter while helping you develop great savings habits for the future. The best time to start planning was yesterday – the next best time is today.

So, what are you waiting for?



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